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BANANAS Soft, foamy, delicious banana shapes with a smooth banana flavour. Mmmm…If you like banan..
Ex Tax: £1.52

COLA CUBES (KOLA KUBES) These will bring back happy memories.  These yummy hard cola flavour..
Ex Tax: £2.36

Old Skool! Absolutely everybody remembers these sweets from their childhood.Little colourful wafer d..
Ex Tax: £1.93

GIANT STRAWBERRIES  Giant Strawberries – the clue is in the name. Lovely juicy gummy strawbe..
Ex Tax: £1.76

JELLY BABIES Are you a 'bite the head off' or just pop the whole thing in Jelly Baby eater? ..
Ex Tax: £1.76

JELLY BEANS Who can resist these little beans bursting with colour and flavour? A fantastic and e..
Ex Tax: £1.76

LIQUORICE ALLSORTS  Are you a liquorice lover? These instantly recognisable traditional Brit..
Ex Tax: £1.78

SHRIMPS Everyone remembers these soft and chewy pale pink critters from their childhood. ..
Ex Tax: £1.43

SMOOTH COLA BOTTLES Lovely chewy cola flavour gums. These are the smooth ones which aren’t fizzy ..
Ex Tax: £1.76

WINE GUMS Before you get too excited Wine Gums do not contain any wine.  Don't be sad, just ..
Ex Tax: £2.80