Chocolate and Chewy

Chocolate and Chewy
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BROWN GEMS Just like White Gems but with milk chocolate flavoured buttons.  These childhood ..
£2.08 Ex Tax: £1.73
CARAMAC There's nothing quite like a Caramac with its rich creamy taste and it's retro red and ye..
£3.17 Ex Tax: £2.64
CHEWING NUTS These chewy toffee filled sweets with chocolate coating will send you nutty! If you ..
£2.80 Ex Tax: £2.33
CHOCOLATE COINS Chocolate coins are just fantastic. The chocolate seems to have it's own delightf..
£1.96 Ex Tax: £1.63
CHOCOLATE COVERED CINDER TOFFEE Just when you think this light and sweet crispy honeycomb can't g..
£2.51 Ex Tax: £2.09
FOILED ICY CUPS Mini foil cup cake cases filled with scrummy, smooth, chocolate flavoured fondant..
£1.87 Ex Tax: £1.56
TOFFEE CRUMBLE Everyone's favourite - what's not to love about the amazing mix of chocolate, toff..
£2.08 Ex Tax: £1.73
WHITE CHOCOLATE MICE Squeak squeak, remember these? Everyone loves these cute, small and creamy w..
£1.80 Ex Tax: £1.50
WHITE GEMS  Also known as Jazzies, these sweet white chocolate flavoured buttons have one si..
£2.50 Ex Tax: £2.08